Prohibited Weapons

Below information regarding purchase, possession and utilisation of Crossbow articles within mentioned Australian states is a reference only and is subject to change. Please refer to your Local Authorities for up to date information and check for any age restrictions on products BEFORE purchase. You must be over the age of 18 for the purchasing of knives, crossbows, weapons or dangerous goods or prohibited weapons. Regulations are periodicaly updated so can be out of date for a period of time. Check your local authourities before purchase for updated regulations.



From 28th February 2013 crossbows are classified as "Prohibited Weapons".

There is NO requirement for a licence or permit as under the Regulations there are exemptions for groups of people such as Hunters and Target shooters or Collectors. There is an age requirement of 18 years or older.

We require proof of your "Exemption Group" eg Club Membership, Hunting Permit, Property Owner / employee or Collector.

Hunting Permit Application link, ($22 1 year);

World Crossbow Shooting Association application link, ($100 3 years);

Link to Summary Offences Regulations;

Link to Summary Offences Act;

Bait Throwers or Slingshots (without arm brace) are classed as Catapluts which are Dangerous Articles. Slingshots with arm brace are classed as PROHIBITED WEAPONS. Must be over 18. No sales at this time.



A Licence is required as Crossbows are classified as “prohibited weapons” and can be supplied via a licenced Queensland-based firearms / crossbow dealer. However Nunn Engineering Pty. Ltd. may still provide advice on selection of equipment and may assist in arranging for your purchase.

Slingshots can be sold, must be over the age of 18.


Crossbows are prohibited and an application to the Police Commissioner for permission to own and use a crossbow is required .



Crossbow owners/shooters are required to apply for permission and pay a fee. Members of approved sporting bodies will be exempt from fees but must apply for this exemption. Slingshots are prohibited weapons, exemption to be shown.



Crossbows are prohibited in NSW and ACT. A permit for bona fide target shooting is required at recognised archery clubs and is currently changing. Please refer to the Archery NSW website ( for up-to-date information. Crossbows are sent to a licensed dealer in NSW to act as a broker. Slingshots are prohibited weapons & require a permit.



There is a requirement for a licence or permit or Governours Exemption for Crossbows, effective since July 2011. Slingshots are illegal.

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Please note SA Regulations change on 28/2/2013 where crossbows are now classed as Prohibited Weapons; "There is no requirement for a licence or permit as there are exemptions for Hunters and Target shooters or Collectors etc". Please refer to the "Prohibited Weapons" tab, (located below left).